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Owning a car is a thing of honour and pride. Driving your own four wheeler on the streets of Tirupati is a different vibe for many car owners. But ever have the thought of washing your car, making it dust free or painting the metalic body of the car making it brand new just like it did when you first drove it out of a car showroom – Home Decode has a realistic version of your dreams.

Home Decode is a product of manpower solutions. We rebuild or renovate your home as per your interest. Car wash and cleaning is very essential, regular car cleaning can increase the efficiency of the car, performance of the engine and it is for safety also. A clean car can give you a new confidence and will match with your elegance. Home decode provides the best car cleaning and sanitizing services in Tirupati. Home Decode provides Car cleaning and sanitizing services not only in Tirupati but also in Renigunta, Mangalam and Tirumala.

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n this tough time of a global pandemic due to coronavirus sanitizing and maintaining a proper hygiene in our surroundings should be our first priority to fight against the virus, and when it comes to our four wheeler we should not hesitate. Home Decode have the best 70% alcohol based sanitizers to sanitize your car, any ambulance or private car of any medical association. Home Decode provide Car cleaning and Sanitizing services at home. Driving your car though the car wash center may not be your one of the first choices so the well trained car washers and car mechanics of Home Decode will arrive at you door step on the scheduled time you have chosen via web or call with their own tools and equipments. The car washers and  mechanics properly follow the guidelines of Government against the virus – wearing proper mask, maintaining social distance from customers, sanitizing themselves as well as their tools and equipments and most importantly temperature of every  mechanic is checked before leaving for their work.

Car Cleaning Services in Tirumala: 

Why car wash and cleaning is important? This a common question among many car owners, there are many reasons why cars should be washed and monitored on a regular interval. Some important reasons of car wash and cleaning are mentioned below

  1. Keeps away dust and prevents illness – Dust particles can settle down in your car seat and may cause respiratory problems. If you live near a construction site dust particles are common and they may leave a layer or dust on the walls of the car. Due to dust particles you may suffer from cough and if any of your close one is asthmatic then frequent car washes are a must.
  1. Safe driving – Frequent car cleaning increases the efficiency of your car. Car cleaning also includes oiling the car engine, polishing other internal parts of the car, etc which increases the fuel efficiency of your car.
  1. New looks – Even if your car is a year old or more polishing your car will give it a brand new look like did when you first drove it out of the shop.
  1. Helps in exchange/ resale value- Second hand cars generate a better sum of money when they are in a good condition. Servicing you car, polishing the exterior and servicing of the interior of your car will give you a better resale value.

    Car Cleaning Services in Renigunta: 

    Home Decode provides a variety of different car cleaning and Sanitizing services in Tirumala and Tirupati. Cars should be handled only by professional and trained  mechanic as there are many minor problems that an unskilled  mechanics may overlook. Home Decode has a team of  experienced and trained professional car washers and mechanics for all brands of cars like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra etc. Once you hand over your cars to the professional mechanics of Home Decode your shoulder is unburdened.

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    The process of booking a Car Cleaning Services in Mangalam through Home Decode is very easy and simple. Just have access to Home Decode’s official website then book their car cleaning services. The car washers and mechanics will reach at your doorstep on scheduled time with their tools and will wash your car and transform it to a brand new one. Sitting at home and getting such a great facility is only possible through Home Decode car cleaning services at Renigunta. 

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    Home Decode provides excellent car cleaning services in Mangalam at a very reasonable and affordable price rate. The cost of your car cleaning service is determined while booking through the website and you will be charged accordingly for the car service you opted, so the cost is fixed and no extra cost for spare parts will be charged. Usually local mechanics do not use spare parts from authorised brands but in Home Decode not only the spare parts are bought from authorised stores but also the car mechanics and technicians are hired from the authorised car showrooms. Each and every technician is well trained professional and have work experience, they are skilled to identify even the tiniest car issue and are trained to fix it. Home Decode provides an additional bonus to its customers – they have warranty levied on all their services.

    Every car is different from the other so are their problems. Home Decode provides a variety of  car cleaning services at home like

    • Polishing the paint or repainting the car if it’s worn out due to minor scratches or major dents,
    • Brushing the seats and cleaning the seats of the car making it free of any dust or foreign particle.
    • Washing the carpet of the car.
    • Waxing of your car to create a protective layer for the paint.
    • Vacuum cleaning of the car.
    • If you park your car under a tree birds are most likely to make it dirty. Home Decode can clean your car if you book their services.
    • Oiling the internal parts of the car is necessary to increase it’s efficiency and maintain safety as all the parts are serviced.
    • Deep cleaning
    • Interior and exterior cleaning and washing
    • Fixing any broken or damaged part

    Last but not the least these are a few services that Home Decode provides but not all. Car Cleaning Services in Tirumala . There are many more car cleaning services that Home Decode offers to its customers.

    The customer care service is very convenient. Anyone can call on any day from 10 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock in the evening, i.e their customer care service is open to 365 days. You can call their customer care number to enquire about the service, complain against any of their services or to ask for assistance or can book your preferred service via call with professionals they are very friendly and helpful. You can book your services via call or web and can choose your preferred time, date and location, you can also review prices. The payment process is very convenient as you can pay online through net banking, debit card or credit card and offline also through cash you can choose your convenient way of payment.

    Home Decode gives thousand reasons to choose them over other online repair service centers as they are one stop solution to every problem. Home Decode is a product of manpower solutions. We provide brilliantly trained and experienced team of professional mechanics from the authorised showroom of different car brands all over India in a very reasonable and affordable price range. No extra charges are imposed by any authority for spare parts, sample check or others as prices are already fixed while you book your service through the official website or via call. You can choose your preferred time, date, and location while booking car cleaning services at doorstep and the mechanics will arrive at your home in the scheduled time. Sometimes service centres might prefer to call you, to know more about your preferable service and time. The professionals of the service center are waiting for your call and to clarify all your doubts, complaints and valuable feedback. Issues like car paint worn out, minor scratches, dents while parking can and fixing any broken part like brakes, glass, wipers are also resolved. Others like waxing, vacuuming the car, carpet cleaning, removing patches and layers of dust from the skin of the car are handled by professionals. A regular car service can also reduce the risk of accidents and can lead to safe driving, worn out tyres can cause a fatal mishap. Due to Covid-19 customers hesitate to book a car wash service at home but Home Decode’s mechanics follow Government guidelines against the virus and maintain proper hygiene.

    Henceforth Home Decode provides the best car cleaning services in Tirupati. We also provide Car wash services in Renigunta, Mangalam, Tirumala and Tirupati. Booking Home Decode‘s car wash Service is convenient, pocket friendly and also safe in this pandemic.

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